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Graphic Design Services

Your brand designed, respected and easily identified.


Ever wonder why sometimes when you send a Logo to be embroidered or printed on some medium and you find out that the printing company refuses the job? Well the problem is that many printing companies require HIGH-RESOLUTION image (not just a screenshot or low-resolution/pixelated image) which the standard is 240-300dpi.The only way to achieve this quality Logo/illustration, it has to be created in a CAD software like Illustrator, Photoshop, InkScape ... etc. The best formats for logos are:
EPS, SVG, high-resolution JPEG/PNG and of course PDF. 
Please see the process of retracing below - an image is worth a thousand words.

If you require a logo design, I can create it for you.
Please find below my "Brief file" please fill in the requested information and I'll get back to you.
As per standard you will receive all the necessary files for you to use on any occasion.


Sometimes, after a while the Logos have to be updated to keep up with the modern times.
I will redesign your Logo at the updated standards, from outline to colour and rearrangement.


We live in a world full of images,shapes,forms and textures but unfortunately sometimes our walls in the office or home are empty and we can't find anything that will attract our eyes and intellect.
I will create for you and your wall intriguing and beautiful minimalist design as a poster.A digital file will be sent to you via email or if the file is large, memory card will be sent via Postal service.
As usually you will receive industry standard file formats.

Flyer & business card design  (20231117085912).jpg

If you require any flyer or business card design, I can create a high resolution PNG or JPEG design for your business.


An infographic (or information graphic) is a visual representation of data presented in an easy to understand and fun to read format.

In the case of interactive infographics, they should also be easy to use.

Infographics simplify complex information and make it easier for the average person to digest.

They’re great for all business types – even “boring” ones and a very useful Digital Marketing tactic.

Aside from being trendy, they are a great way to communicate to your audience and even win them over.


Sometimes it's a good idea to advertise in local news papers or magazines. You will require a high resolution jpeg at specific dimensions (in millimetres "mm")
I will create the design and exact dimensions required.

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